We make IT Right

We make IT Right


Rechner Daten Technik Inc. Established since 2016 a value-added reseller IT company, inspired by German process and safety engineering, a German terminology called Rechner that means a Computer, Daten means Data and Technik mean about Engineering or simply a Computer & Data Engineering Company.

About Us

Rechner Daten Technik Inc. is an Information Technology company a value-added re-seller provides a solution in all walks of IT Business. We make life easy by letting you connect with up to date innovations in maximizing solutions for your information and communication technologies needs in a cost-effective, reliable, secure, and robust solutions. We deliver top quality solutions in all walks of business in private and public sectors using the vast experience and knowledge of our certified engineers. The company offers a complete solution for software development, IT infrastructure, Cybersecurity and IT professional services.

Our Mission

Rechner Daten Technik Inc. We make IT in the right way, using world-class Information and communication technology tools in the market’s, ensure operational excellence architectures, a committed business partner providing a new breed of IT products and services with value and quality.