We make IT Right

We make IT Right


Rechner Daten Technik Inc. was founded in 2016, inspired by German process and safety engineering. In German terminology, Rechner is equivalent to Computer, Daten is for Data while Technik is for Engineering. Straightforwardly, we are Computer Data Engineering company.

About Us

Rechner Daten Technik Inc. is an IT firm that offers a solution on different facets of Information Technology. We make life simpler by enabling you to connect with advanced information and modern communication technologies. We give the highest standard of services using the expertise and knowledge of our certified engineers. Our firm provides an all-inclusive solution for Software Development, IT Infrastructure, Cybersecurity and IT Professional Services.

Our Vision

To adopt positive change for building a better community by utilizing fast changing technology

Our Mission

Rechner Daten Technik Inc. We make IT the right way, utilizing top-tier information and communication technology solutions available on the market, ensuring operational excellence in architectures, and working as a dedicated business partner to deliver a new generation of high-quality and affordable IT products and Services.