Month: December 2021

Commercial Real Estate Data Center Migration and Modernization with multiple Telcos Link Load Balancer

Commercial Real Estate Data Center Migration and Modernization with multiple Telcos Link Load Balancer

The dominant real estate developer and known for the world-class office designs in Bonifacio Global City relocated the head office to the other story of the building. The movement includes the computer workstation and the data center. The services were all-in work with complete supply, installation, and configuration of the existing and new Network Switches and Firewall Security with multiple Telcos Link Load Balancers.

  • Structured Cabling
    We supply and install new cabling to support network infrastructure, ensuring compliance with industry standards and test all cables for connectivity and performance.
  • Server and Storage Relocation
    We carefully move servers and storage units to the new location. Reinstall and reconnect all equipment and ensuring proper configuration.
  • Network Equipment Transfer
    We safely disassemble and pack existing network devices. Install and configure network equipment at the new site.
  • Relocation of Workstations
    We create a list of all workstations and their configurations and reassemble at the new location.
  • Firewall Upgrade and High-Availability Configuration
    We supply, install and configure upgraded firewalls for high availability and ensuring minimal downtime.
  • Unified Threat Protection
    We deploy unified threat protection solutions to safeguard against cyber threats. Configure threat protection systems for optimal performance.
  • Site-to-Site VPN
    We establish secure VPN connections between multiple sites and ensure these are configured for high security and reliable performance.
  • Multiple Telco Link Load Balancing
    We set up and configure link load balancers to manage multiple ISP connections and distribute network traffic effectively and provide redundancy.
  • Access Point Modernization
    We install and configure modern access points to enhance wireless coverage and performance and for optimal connectivity.
  • Managed Switch High-Availability Configuration
    We install and configure managed switches with high-availability features and to ensure seamless network operation.
  • Voice and Data Termination
    We terminate voice and data cables according to specifications and test all terminations to ensure proper connectivity.
  • Wall Chipping and Restoration
    We identify areas requiring wall chipping for cable installation. Perform wall chipping, install necessary infrastructure, and restore walls to their original condition.

Site Survey and Inspection

We conduct a comprehensive audit of all equipment in the existing data center. We check the servers, storage devices, network switches, firewalls, access points, and other hardware.

We also visit and examine the relocation area in the new office to ensure a smooth transition and proper setup of the data center, network infrastructure, and workstations.

Component Deliveries

We supply and deliver enterprise-grade IT equipment.

  • HPE Aruba 2930F 24G PoE+ Switch
  • HPE Aruba AP-505 (RW) Unified Access Point
  • Fortinet FortiGate-60F
  • Panduit Cat6 UTP Cable
  • Panduit Information Outlet
  • Panduit Single Faceplate

Project Implementation

We terminate voice and data network cables and ensure reliable communication and network performance within an organization.

We install a ceiling-mount Wi-Fi access point (AP) and ensure optimal wireless coverage and performance.

We install and configure network switches, firewalls, and set up multiple ISP link load balancing.

Project Turn Over

The project was successfully completed on time and within budget. The new structured cabling system, modernized data center, and enhanced network infrastructure have significantly improved the overall performance, reliability, and security of the office’s IT environment. Continuous monitoring and regular maintenance will ensure the longevity and efficiency of the implemented solutions.